Tuesday, 1 April 2014

You have the Strength to Change for the Better

We often underestimate ourselves, feeling sorry for ourselves, and this makes us a weakling.

But if we never experience anything in real life and we only see the experiences by others or from the media.
We actually never can estimate or know what effect will be on ourselves when we come into a serious situation where we need to rise up to the occasion.

Our intuition have not been true because it is based on the experiences from other people who go through this, this makes us contemplate and respond with a psychological reaction of weak emotions.

But it does not represent our physical and mental strength while we ourselves fall into a serious or dangerous circumstance. When an extreme event happened to us, you realise that it is possible to take much power from our body to overcome this situation.

Even to our surprise, we never think before that we were able to use such a mass force in an emergency situation.

It’s just incredible what kind of power and how strong a person can be exposed in a life event situation that everyone wants to avoid, and no one wants to experience it.

But because of various factors in life, everyone can be exposed to unhappy things without any logical reason.
And those people who coming into current unexpected situations so we are being challenged to show how much physical and mental power we have in ourselves.

When strength is the only option, our hidden forces will be shown up unconsciously.

Know that you have the strength to improve!

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