Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Meaningful Silence rather than Quick Hurtful Words

When things happen in our life which we totally disagree, we want to shout out from the rooftops sometimes because it has flurried us so much.

So we think to calm down our anger or frustration, but the words we spouting from our mouth through our heart will not be the desired words for many ears.

Whether it is a wise statement will not be a mystery to many, but it will be a direct reason for other to condemn this as an unacceptable human behaviour.

The word is usually also not worth for repeating it because this makes a decent person become someone that misbehave themselves.

With meaningless words and a lot of noise in the wrong place that viciously happen to other and it will not be appreciated.

Therefore it is better to restraint ourselves so we will not lose control, just  let it go into one ear and then goes off from another.

With a meaningful silence after followed by a smile which can touches the most for others, because it is their failure behavior which cannot make us out off balance.

We can overtake with some sensible statements that are valuable and meaningful to the related individual and others.

Our self-respect will not simply be affected by others and appreciated for the full respected words.

Silence will always give greater positive impression than meaningless words.


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