Thursday, 24 April 2014


Submit maths 8.1 tomorrow

Complete Science worksheet given today

How do you stay positive during tough times

For anything and everything else in life everyone (every entity) goes through good times and bad times. So to stay positive during tough times know that to see anything to success you have to go through rough rides, you have to stick it out focused on the ultimate result or objective. Without a clear objective when you face challenges along the way it is difficult to stay positive. The excitement (or reward) brought about realising the ultimate objective will regenerate that hope or positive mindset needed to keep on going. This is applicable to anything whether it's school, relationships, leading a team, working hard to be the best student or losing weight.  Remember the old adage : the bigger the challenge the sweeter the victory.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Maths 7.2 by tomorrow

Remember to bring S&W

Chinese Xi Zi

Come What May

We Need to have Great Strength to Endure when Life Shows us the Difficulties

Our parents upbringing us in such a protected designation that we are already well prepared for most of the things in life. They taught us everything with their own life experiences also with love from their hearts to give us a good and peaceful future.

But no one knows what the future will bring us and what might be coming, it may have difficulties in the path of our life, just the same as nature, which is so unpredictable on this planet.

Our parents has taught us all the good lessons to give us strength to have a solution which can solve most of the difficulties effortlessly, but for emotional feeling there is no lessons available to learn nor meditation.
At the moment when we are confronted with difficulties, it is very important to have the  mental strength to physically keep the pain and sorrow  that we will have under control.

Through love and problems, we get an emotional feeling together in every situation and its indicates such an impact on our life that we are capable to do unforgivable things which will not help us later, but only make things more worse.

Keep our inner feelings under control is a very difficult thing for any person in this world no matter we are having the joyful moment or a bad situation which is unexpected.

Everyone will show his emotions to the outside world but in different ways, for sure everybody will have emotions and it is very difficult to control, especially during those situations with difficulties.

At these moments of difficulty we have tested how big is our controlling strength in order to possess that our body can function well without overly emotional and response normally for everything.

These are one of the most difficult moments in our life, to be able to face the reality and find out life is not always pleasant and enjoyable, but it is a learning experience for us to have the strength and overcome this intolerable situations.

I wish you a healthy life.


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collection of medical form NOW

Jac and Rama

Pls collect the medical forms and pass them to me at 11.05 am today in 201.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Maths 7.1 and 7.2

Chinese Compo by tomorrow

Please remember to bring your S&W Attire tomorrow

Friday, 11 April 2014

Class Relay Tracing (URGENT)

You have to SMS, what's app, etc your Exco Leader upon receiving the message from him/her of the contact tracing relay which is sometime soon.

A reply 'Received' is needed from ALL OF YOU. Please COMPLY STRICTLY.

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Complete ADMT Video by tomorrow

IRS Report to be in by today

Maths 7.1

CE Next Monday

Hi Dearies

Please bring your learning devices on 14 April (Monday) for the NYAA Briefing and Updating Exercise.

Time: 1:10 pm – 2:00 pm (CE period)
Venue: Auditorium

Jac and Rama, pls remind your class on Monday again. Thanks.


Dear All

Please update your class relay contact list ASAP. By tomorrow LATEST. 

Things to note:
1. Pls provide FULL names of students.
2. Some home numbers are not complete. 
3. Pls update mobile phone numbers.

There will be a trial run VERY SOON. Each Exco member must have some students under their charge. 
Jac and Rama to inform me when this is ALL Completed.


Best regards
Ms Lam

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Chinese Xi Zi by tomorrow

Chinese spelling fourth chapter on friday

Maths 5.2 and 5.3

Meaningful Silence rather than Quick Hurtful Words

When things happen in our life which we totally disagree, we want to shout out from the rooftops sometimes because it has flurried us so much.

So we think to calm down our anger or frustration, but the words we spouting from our mouth through our heart will not be the desired words for many ears.

Whether it is a wise statement will not be a mystery to many, but it will be a direct reason for other to condemn this as an unacceptable human behaviour.

The word is usually also not worth for repeating it because this makes a decent person become someone that misbehave themselves.

With meaningless words and a lot of noise in the wrong place that viciously happen to other and it will not be appreciated.

Therefore it is better to restraint ourselves so we will not lose control, just  let it go into one ear and then goes off from another.

With a meaningful silence after followed by a smile which can touches the most for others, because it is their failure behavior which cannot make us out off balance.

We can overtake with some sensible statements that are valuable and meaningful to the related individual and others.

Our self-respect will not simply be affected by others and appreciated for the full respected words.

Silence will always give greater positive impression than meaningless words.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Friday, 4 April 2014

Science Homework

Guys, please remember to submit your Flow of Energy and Matter in the Environment Homework(1) on monday. Also, please try to get the science file before Mr Ng makes it compulsory.


Work on ADMT Video

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Maths PT is due on Friday

Maths 5.1 due by tomorrow

Chinese PT latest by tomorrow if you have not done yet

You have the Strength to Change for the Better

We often underestimate ourselves, feeling sorry for ourselves, and this makes us a weakling.

But if we never experience anything in real life and we only see the experiences by others or from the media.
We actually never can estimate or know what effect will be on ourselves when we come into a serious situation where we need to rise up to the occasion.

Our intuition have not been true because it is based on the experiences from other people who go through this, this makes us contemplate and respond with a psychological reaction of weak emotions.

But it does not represent our physical and mental strength while we ourselves fall into a serious or dangerous circumstance. When an extreme event happened to us, you realise that it is possible to take much power from our body to overcome this situation.

Even to our surprise, we never think before that we were able to use such a mass force in an emergency situation.

It’s just incredible what kind of power and how strong a person can be exposed in a life event situation that everyone wants to avoid, and no one wants to experience it.

But because of various factors in life, everyone can be exposed to unhappy things without any logical reason.
And those people who coming into current unexpected situations so we are being challenged to show how much physical and mental power we have in ourselves.

When strength is the only option, our hidden forces will be shown up unconsciously.

Know that you have the strength to improve!