Friday, 21 February 2014


Chinese Spelling next week Monday

Chinese Purple book Chap 1, 2 by Wednesday

Chinese workbook page 1-8 by Monday

Maths 3.3 by Monday

IH 3B next Tuesday


  1. Chinese Purple book Chap 1, 2 by [Wednesday]*
    Chinese Xi Zi (First Chapter) [Monday]
    Chinese Level Test next [Friday, 28/2/14]
    IH 3B complete by next lesson [Tues]
    Math 3.3 (Optional questions are the whole of question 7&9 for tier B) [Monday]
    Science Practice Paper (Before Wednesday as thursday is the Mass Lecture from 1400-1500 at Auditorium) and complete certain parts of the Electricity Worksheet

  2. Didn't Mr Ang say math was on the second period of math of the week?