Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Bring Chinese Diagnostic test signed and corrections done

Chinese XiZi by tomorrow

Science worksheet tomorrow soft deadline

I&E Discussions by thursday (Email Cher the survey questions)

Chinese spelling from latest XiZi tomorrow together with XiZi submission

ADMT to complete the storyboarding by tomorrow

Filming for ADMT commercial is tomorrow, Remember to prepare your props and costumes if needed.

Science Electricity worksheet watch videos and answer pages 1,2

Maths Complete worksheet 3.1 deadline is on thursday

English group characterisation assignment on google docs

IH complete the SBQ and SEQ essays + assignment 2A by thursday

Note: I was not in class today, please comment on any additions there were to the homework


  1. Science: Electricity Worksheet- watch the videos and answer page 1&2
    Math: Complete 3.1 (Thursday is the deadline)
    English: Group Characterization Assignment (Find in google drive)
    IH: Complete SBQ & SEQ Essays and assignment 2A by next lesson (Thursday)

  2. Science: page 1&2 as in, page 1 is the enduring understanding page and then pg 2 is the page with the video links or EU page plus the next 2 pages as well?