Monday, 30 June 2014

Reminder of Rules and Expectations for New Term

Hi Dearies

I would like to mentally prepare you that Semester 2 is going to be VERY Hectic, as all subject teachers will be accelerating their teaching in view of the short time period. As your seating arrangement has been carefully done to maximise your own individual learning, PLEASE Strictly Adhere to the determined seating arrangement. This is for your own good.

Jacqueline, to update and print a copy of the most recent seating arrangement in class on the teacher's table by end of Term 3 Week 1.

Class, remember to bring along a novel for your daily reading and to read dutifully before the morning flag raising.

Rama, please come up with a duty roster on class duties such as emptying the trash bin by the end of each school day, sweeping the floor, etc. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for ensuring that your classmates carry out their assigned duties. You remind them, and let me know who didn't. They will be dealt with.

Do your revision daily and dont leave things to the last minute, if not you will be overwhelmed. Plan your time now to revise your work.

Best regards
Ms Lam

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