Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Live Your LIfe Happily - Block Out Negative Thoughts

Hi Dearies

Hope you use this period of time to do your own personal reflections and set your individual targets so that you are clear in knowing how to achieve these and utilize this coming June vacations meaningfully.

I would like to continue encouraging you in ways I could possibly think of, and hope that it would be of use to you.

Sometimes we allow feelings, often negative ones, to etch on our minds. In fact, we make ourselves crazy or even sick by keep thinking about something which has already happened but we can not simply change it. It is normal to think about it in real life but if we keep dwelling in the negative past, that will affect our mind and health.

When we are nervous, or upset about things that happened in our family and , we thereby, can be over-strained. It is also a psychological war within ourselves.
If we keep those things away from us, at the same time busy ourselves with fun things, this will give us positive thoughts.

The moment we choose to have no counsel from our loved ones, we will NOT know how to get rid of such negative foolish thoughts. It is wise then to listen to the advice from teachers, from your family, from others who care for YOU.

It’s just a waste of time, if we keep thinking about something that we have no solution. Without a solution, we will only evolve negative thoughts, and there will be no place for us to enjoy happiness and joy around us.

Let us not be influenced by negative things that are happening to us, and block these from our mind. It's indeed difficult but you shouldn't think that you are alone in this adversity. You should see it as a lesson of life, as it teaches you resilience.

Try to start every day with a clean slate of mind, be optimistic and do not think too much more negative things which have happened in the past.

Live a Happy Life, 206!

With lots of love and care
Ms Lam

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