Monday, 6 January 2014

Admin Matters

Dear Students

Please be reminded that if you are not well, late for school, or not coming to school owing to official duties like competitions, etc, you are responsible for notifying your buddies (all 3 of them, if not at least 2 buddies) by 7 am LATEST.

Buddies, do check your mobiles and alert your chairpersons if your buddy/ies are late/ill, etc. immediately after flag-raising in the morning. You are also responsible to collect notes for your buddy who didn't come to school on a particular day. It will be very nice if you can also take time to go through the notes with them the day when he or she is back to school. I am trying to cultivate our class' garden of 'Bouquets of Appreciation'. So, let it grow!

All student-absentees are to approach your respective teachers for clarifications if you miss any lessons. Your buddies can help but it is your own RESPONSIBILITY over YOUR OWN LEARNING.

You must submit your late-coming slip or MC or parents' letter (not more than 3 in a year) first thing in the morning to me personally. You are to comply to this.

Best regards
Ms Christine Lam

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